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How President Trump’s proposed budget would affect veterinary medicine


 | AVMA@Work Editor

President Trump’s proposed 2018 budget, unveiled Tuesday, may not win approval in its current form, but it will influence budget conversations moving forward. Accordingly, it’s important to consider how it would affect the veterinary profession. The AVMA examined the impact the proposal would have on key programs affecting veterinary medicine, and will fight vigorously to protect veterinary interests as the budget process moves forward.

In keeping with his campaign promise to reduce federal spending, President Trump’s budget proposes a $42 billion cut to non-defense discretionary spending while increasing discretionary defense spending by $27 billion. Included in the cuts are $4.8 billion in funding for the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), which would see its total budget drop to $21 billion in fiscal year 2018:

  • USDA’s staff would be reduced by 5,263 people.
  • All funding would be eliminated for the Veterinary Services Grant Program, and the Animal Health and Disease Research Program (both administered by USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture).
  • The Veterinary Medicine Loan Repayment Program would lose $1.5 million.
  • The Food and Agriculture Defense Initiative would lose $2.3 million.

Additional details of the proposed USDA budget can be found on the USDA website.

Another big change would be the establishment of a user fee to cover all domestic inspection and import re-inspection, and most of the central operations costs for meat, poultry and egg inspection programs. Total collections are estimated to be $5.9 billion over 10 years. Additionally, user fees would be instituted for animal welfare ($9 million) requirements, and to offset the cost of biotechnology ($4 million) and veterinary biologic ($7 million) regulation. These fees could result in producers being less able to afford veterinary services.

The president’s budget also would impact student loan debt for veterinarians by significantly reducing funding for federal student aid beginning on July 1, 2018. Subsidized student loans would be eliminated for undergraduates, mirroring what already happened to graduate and professional students in 2012. The proposal would replace the five current income-driven repayment (IDR) plans, which help students manage their debt, with one new plan. The new plan – which would be the only income-driven repayment plan available for borrowers who originate their first student loan on or after July 1, 2018 – would cap payments at 12.5 percent of discretionary monthly income and limit loan payments to 30 years for borrowers with graduate debt. Remaining amounts owed after these repayment periods would be forgiven. The president’s proposal also would eliminate the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program.

Additionally, the National Institutes of Health would see its budget cut by $7.16 billion, with anticipated impacts on biomedical research.

Release of the president’s budget proposal is the opening round in budget negotiations, which means that many parties will have a chance to influence the final decision. The AVMA will advocate aggressively throughout the budget process to protect programs important to veterinary medicine.

Your voice can make a difference, too. We encourage you to visit our Congressional Advocacy Network to send a quick, pre-written letter to your representatives to support funding for vital programs like the Veterinary Medicine Loan Repayment Program. Your input can help move the needle on these important budget decisions.

As the national association representing all veterinarians, the AVMA is made stronger through the combined efforts of our diverse members. We encourage you also to explore the many other ways you can get involved in AVMA’s federal advocacy efforts to protect, promote and advance the work of veterinarians.

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17с-1-2, 17с-1-3, 17с-2-3, 1C-11-1М, 1c-11-2, 1C-11-2ЭД,
1c-11-3М, 1C-12-2, 1C-12-2ЭС, 1C-12-2ЭЧ, 1c-13-2, 1C-13-2ЭН,
1C-13-2ЭС, 1C-14-1ЭН, 1C-17-2, 1c-25-2, 1c-25-253H,
1C-25-2ЭД, 1C-П-2ЭМ, 1C-П-2ЭН, 1C-П-2ЭЧ, 1е-25-25ЭН,
1с-11-1мЭС, 1С-11-2ЭС, 1С-11-31, 1с-11-31ЭГ, 1С-11-31ЭД,
1С-11-31ЭК, 1С-11-31ЭМ, 1С-11-31ЭН, 1С-11-31ЭС, 1с-11-31ЭЧ,
1С-11-3М, 1С-11-3ЭГ, 1С-11-3ЭД, 1С-11-3ЭК, 1С-11-3ЭМ,
1С-11-3ЭН, 1с-11-3ЭС, 1С-11-3ЭЧ, 1с-11-40, 1с-11-40ЭД,
1с-11-40ЭМ, 1с-11-40ЭН, 1с-11-40ЭС, 1с-11-40ЭЧ, 1С-11-5,
1С-11-5М, 1С-11-5МЭД, 1С-11-5МЭК, 1С-11-5МЭМ, 1С-11-5МЭН,
1с-11-5мЭС, 1С-11-5МЭЧ, 1с-11-5ЭГ, 1С-11-5ЭД, 1С-11-5ЭК,
1С-11-5ЭМ, 1С-11-5ЭН, 1с-11-5ЭС, 1С-11-5ЭЧ, 1с-11-65,
1с-11-65ЭД, 1с-11-65ЭМ, 1с-11-65ЭН, 1с-11-65ЭС, 1с-11-65ЭЧ,
1С-12-1, 1с-12-1ЭН, 1с-12-1ЭС, 1С-12-1ЭЧ, 1С-12-25ЭД,
1с-12-25ЭМ, 1С-12-25ЭН, 1С-12-25ЭС, 1С-12-25ЭЧ, 1с-12-2ЭД,
1С-12-3, 1с-12-31, 1с-12-31ЭД, 1с-12-31ЭМ, 1с-12-31ЭН,
1с-12-31ЭС, 1с-12-31ЭЧ, 1с-12-32ЭД, 1с-12-32ЭМ, 1с-12-32ЭН,
1с-12-32ЭС, 1с-12-32ЭЧ, 1С-12-3ЭГ, 1С-12-3ЭД, 1С-12-3ЭК,
1С-12-3ЭМ, 1С-12-3ЭН, 1с-12-3ЭС, 1С-12-3ЭЧ, 1С-12-4,
1с-12-40, 1с-12-40ЭД, 1с-12-40ЭМ, 1с-12-40ЭН, 1с-12-40ЭС,
1с-12-40ЭЧ, 1с-12-4ЭГ, 1С-12-4ЭД, 1С-12-4ЭК, 1С-12-4ЭМ,
1С-12-4ЭН, 1С-12-4ЭЧ, 1С-12-5, 1С-12-5ЦЗ, 1с-12-5ЭГ,
1С-12-5ЭД, 1С-12-5ЭК, 1С-12-5ЭМ, 1С-12-5ЭН, 1с-12-5ЭС,
1С-12-5ЭЧ, 1с-12-65, 1с-12-65ЭД, 1с-12-65ЭМ, 1с-12-65ЭН,
1с-12-65ЭС, 1с-12-65ЭЧ, 1С-13-1, 1с-13-1ЭС, 1С-13-25,
1С-13-25ЭД, 1С-13-25ЭМ, 1С-13-25ЭН, 1С-13-25ЭС, 1С-13-25ЭЧ,
1с-13-2ЭД, 1С-13-2ЭМ, 1С-13-3, 1с-13-31, 1с-13-31ЭД,
1с-13-31ЭМ, 1с-13-31ЭН, 1с-13-31ЭС, 1с-13-31ЭЧ, 1с-13-32,
1с-13-32ЭД, 1с-13-32ЭМ, 1с-13-32ЭН, 1с-13-32ЭС, 1с-13-32ЭЧ,
1С-13-3ЭГ, 1С-13-3ЭД, 1С-13-3ЭК, 1С-13-3ЭМ, 1С-13-3ЭН,
1с-13-3ЭС, 1С-13-3ЭЧ, 1с-13-40, 1с-13-40ЭД, 1с-13-40ЭМ,
1с-13-40ЭН, 1с-13-40ЭС, 1с-13-40ЭЧ, 1с-13-5ЭД, 1с-13-5ЭМ,
1с-13-5ЭН, 1с-13-5ЭС, 1с-13-5ЭЧ, 1с-13-65, 1с-13-65ЭД,
1с-13-65ЭМ, 1с-13-65ЭН, 1с-13-65ЭС, 1с-13-65ЭЧ, 1С-14-1ЭЧ,
1С-14Н-3, 1С-14Н-3ЭК, 1С-14Н-3ЭМ, 1С-14Н-3ЭН, 1С-14Н-3ЭЧ,
1С-14Т-3, 1С-14Т-3ЭД, 1С-14Т-3ЭК, 1С-14Т-3ЭН, 1С-14Т-3ЭЧ,
1С-15-1ЭН, 1С-15-1ЭЧ, 1С-15-2, 1с-25-1ЭД, 1с-25-1ЭМ,
1с-25-1ЭС, 1С-25-25ЭД, 1С-25-25ЭС, 1с-25-2ЭМ, 1с-25-2ЭН,
1с-25-2ЭС, 1с-25-2ЭЧ, 1с-25-32, 1с-25-32ЭД, 1с-25-32ЭМ,
1с-25-32ЭН, 1с-25-32ЭС, 1с-25-32ЭЧ, 1С-25-3ЭД, 1С-25-3ЭМ,
1С-25-3ЭН, 1С-25-3ЭС, 1С-25-3ЭЧ, 1с-25-40, 1с-25-40ЭД,
1с-25-40ЭМ, 1с-25-40ЭН, 1с-25-40ЭЧ, 1с-25-65, 1с-25-65ЭД,
1с-25-65ЭМ, 1с-25-65ЭН, 1с-25-65ЭС, 1с-25-65ЭЧ, 1С-7-1,
1С-8-2, 1с-8-2ЭГ, 1С-8-2ЭД, 1С-8-2ЭК, 1С-8-2ЭМ, 1С-8-2ЭН,
1с-8-2ЭС, 1С-8-2ЭЧ, 1С-9-2, 1с-Т-107б, 392-175/95-0Г,
392-175/95-0Г-01, 3с-10-10-450, 3с-10-25-450, 3с-15-10-450,
3с-15-25-450, 3с-20-25-450, 3с-25-10-450, 3с-25-25-450,
3с-32-25-450, 3с-40-25-450, 3с-50-25-450, 3с-6-1-01,
3с-6-1-02, 3с-6-2, 3с-6-3, 3с-6-4, 3с-6-5, 3с-65-25-450,
3с-7-1-01, 3с-7-2, 3с-7-4, 3с-7-6, 3с-8-2, 3с-8-3, 3с-8-5,
3с-8-6, 4с-3-1, 4с-3-2, 4с-3-3, 4с-3-4, 4с-3-5,
530-150/150-0в, 586-20-ЭМ-01, 586-20-ЭМ-02, 586-20-ЭМ-03,
586-20-ЭМФ-03, 586-20-ЭМФ-03, 586-20-ЭМФ-04, 586–20-ЭМФ-05,
586–20-ЭМФ-06, 586–20-ЭМФ-07, 588-10-0, 589-10-0, 597-10-0А,
694–250/400-0б, 720-20-0А, 720-20-0А-01, 788–400/600-0-01,
788–400/600-0-02, 788–400/600-0-03, 7с-6-1, 7с-6-2, 7с-6-3,
7с-8-1, 7с-8-2, 7с-8-3, 808-65-РВ, 808-65-РВ-01, 811-50-РМ,
814-50-РА,-01, 815-40-РВ,-01(-РМ,-01), 843-40-0А-01,
843-40-0А-02, 843-40-0А-03, 843-40-0А-04, 875–125-0,
879-65-РА,-01-05, 8с-3-1, 8с-3-2, 8с-3-3, 8с-3-4, 8с-3-5,
8с-3-6, 912-100-0А, 912-150-0А, 912–200-0б, 912-200-0В,
912–250-0б, 912–250-0бМ, 912-250-0В, 912-250-ОВМ,
912–300-0б, 912-300-0В, 912–325-0б, 912–325-0бМ,
912–350-0б, 912–400-0, 935-100-0А, 935–100–0А-01,
935-100-0АМ, 935-150-0А, 935-150-0АМ, 935–150-0М,
935–175-0, 935-175-ОА, 935–225-0б, 935-225-ОВ.-ОВШ,
935–250-0б, 935-250-ОВ,-ОВШ, 950-100/150-Э,
950-100/150-Э-01, 950-150/250-Э, 950-150/250-Э-01,
950-150/250-Э-02, 950-200/250-Э, 976-175-ЭБ,
976-250-ЭБ,-01, 976-65-М, 976-65-М-01, 976-65-Э,
977-175-Э, 992-250-ЭБ, 993-100-ЭМ,-01, 998-20-0,
998-20-Г, 998-20-Э, 998-20-ЭГ, 998-20-ЭД, 998-20-ЭК,
998-20-ЭМ, 998-20-ЭН, 998–20-ЭС, 998-20-ЭЧ, 999-20-06,
999-20-0, 999-20-Г, 999-20-Э, 999-20-ЭГ, 999-20-ЭД,
999-20-ЭК, 999-20-ЭМ, 999-20-ЭН, 999-20-ЭС, 999-20-ЭЧ,
Т-131МС, Т-132МС, Т-31МС-1, Т-31МС-2, Т-31МС-3, Т-32МС-1,
Т-32МС-2, Т-32МС-3, 1052–65-ЭГ, 1052–65-ЭС, 1057–65-Э,
1057–65-ЭГ, 1057–65-ЭС, 1456–50-ЭД, 1456–50-ЭН, 1456–80-К3,
Задвижки: 1010–200-КЗ, 1010–200-ЦЗ, 1010–200-Э,
1010–200-ЭД, 1010–200-ЭМ, 1010–200-ЭН, 1010–200-ЭС,
1012-150-КЗ, 1012-150-ЦЗ, 1012-150-Э, 1012–150-ЭГ,
1012–150-ЭД, 1012–150-ЭК, 1012-150-ЭМ, 1012–150-ЭМ,
1012–150-ЭН, 1012–150-ЭС, 1012–150-ЭЧ, 1012-175-КЗ,
1012-175-ЦЗ, 1012-175-Э, 1012–175-ЭГ, 1012–175-ЭД,
1012–175-ЭК, 1012-175-ЭМ, 1012-175-ЭН, 1012–175-ЭС,
1012–175-ЭЧ, 1012-225-КЗ, 1012-225-ЦЗ, 1012-225-Э,
1012-225-ЭГ, 1012–225-ЭД, 1012-225-ЭМ, 1012–225-ЭН,
1012–225-ЭС, 1013-175-КЗ, 1013-175-КЗ-01, 1013-175-ЦЗ,
1013-175-ЦЗ-01, 1013–175-Э, 1013–175-Э-01, 1013–175-ЭГ,
1013–175-ЭД, 1013–175-ЭД-01, 1013–175-ЭК, 1013–175-ЭК-01,
1013-175-ЭМ,-01, 1013-175-ЭН, 1013-175-ЭН-01, 1013–175-ЭС,
1013–175-ЭС-01, 1013–175-ЭЧ, 1013–175-ЭЧ-01, 1013-200-КЗ,
1013-200-ЦЗ, 1013–200-ЭД, 1013–200-ЭК, 1013-200-ЭМ,
1013–200-ЭМ, 1013-200-ЭН, 1013–200-ЭН, 1013–200-ЭС,
1013–200-ЭЧ, 1015-150-КЗ, 1015-150-ЦЗ, 1015–150-Э,
1015–150-ЭГ, 1015–150-ЭД, 1015-150-ЭК, 1015-150-ЭМ,
1015–150-ЭН, 1015–150-ЭС, 1015–150-ЭЧ, 1016-250-КЗ,
1016-250-М, 1016-250-ЦЗ, 1016–250-ЭГ, 1016–250-ЭД,
1016–250-ЭК, 1016-250-ЭМ, 1016–250-ЭМ, 1016–250-ЭН,
1016–250-ЭС, 1016–250-ЭЧ, 1017–250-КЗ, 1017-250-ЦЗ,
1017–250-ЭГ, 1017–250-ЭД, 1017-250-ЭК, 1017-250-ЭМ,
1017–250-ЭН, 1017–250-ЭС, 1017–250-ЭЧ, 1120-100-КЗ,-01,
1120-100-М, 1120-100-М-01, 1120-100-ЦЗ, 1120-100-ЦЗ-01,
1120-100-Э, 1120–100-Э-01, 1120–100-ЭГ, 1120–100-ЭГ-01,
1120–100-ЭД, 1120–100-ЭД-01, 1120-100-ЭК, 1120–100-ЭК,
1120-100-ЭК-01, 1120-100-ЭМ, 1120-100-ЭМ-01, 1120-100-ЭН-01,
1120–100-ЭС, 1120–100-ЭС-01, 1120–100-ЭЧ, 1120–100-ЭЧ-01,
1123-100-КЗ, 1123-100-КЗ-01, 1123-100-М, 1123-100-М-01,
1123-100-Ц3-01, 1123-100-ЦЗ, 1123–100-ЦЗ-01, 1123–100-Э,
1123–100-Э-01, 1123–100-ЭГ, 1123–100-ЭГ-01, 1123–100-ЭД,
1123–100-ЭД-01, 1123–100-ЭК, 1123–100-ЭК-01, 1123-100-ЭМ,
1123-100-ЭН, 1123-100-ЭН-01, 1123–100-ЭС, 1123–100-ЭС-01,
1123–100-ЭЧ, 1123–100-ЭЧ-01, 1126-150-КЗ, 1126–150-КЗБ,
1126-150-М, 1126–150-МБ, 1126-150-ЦЗ, 1126–150-Э,
1126–150-ЭГ, 1126–150-ЭД, 1126–150-ЭК, 1126-150-ЭМ,
1126–150-ЭМ, 1126–150-ЭН, 1156–125-КЗ, 1156-125-КЗА,
1156–125-М, 1156-125-ЦЗА, 1156–125-Э, 1156–125-ЭГ,
1156–125-ЭД, 1156-125-ЭК, 1156–125-ЭМ, 1156–125-ЭН,
1156–125-ЭС, 1156–125-ЭЧ, 1156–150-КЗ, 1156–150-М,
1156–150-ЦЗ, 1156-150-ЦЗА, 1156–150-Э, 1156–150-ЭГ,
1156–150-ЭД, 1156–150-ЭК, 1156-150-ЭМ, 1156-150-ЭН,
1156–150-ЭС, 1156–150-ЭЧ, 1511-100-КЗА,-КЗБ, 1511-100-МА,
1511-100-ЦЗА-ЦЗБ, 1511–100-ЭГ, 1511–100-ЭД, 1511–100-ЭМ,
1511-100-ЭМА,-ЭМБ, 1511–100-ЭС, 1511–100-ЭЧ, 1511-150-КЗА,
1511-150-МА,-МБ, 1511-150-ЦЗА,-ЦЗБ, 1511–150-ЭГ,
1511–150-ЭД, 1511-150-ЭМА,-ЭМБ, 1511–150-ЭН, 1511–150-ЭС,
1511–150-ЭЧ, 1511-200-КЗА,-КЗБ, 1511-200-МА,-МБ,
1511-200-ЦЗА,-ЦЗБ, 1511–200-ЭГ, 1511–200-ЭД, 1511-200-ЭМА,
1511-200-ЭНБ, 1511–200-ЭС, 1511–200-ЭЧ, 1511–250-КЗ,
1511-250-ЦЗА-ЦЗБ, 1511–250-ЭГ, 1511–250-ЭД, 1511-250-ЭМБ,
1511–250-ЭН, 1511–250-ЭС, 1511–250-ЭЧ, 1511-300-КЗА,-КЗБ,
1511-300-ЦЗА,-ЦЗБ, 1511–300-ЭГ, 1511–300-ЭД, 1511–300-ЭМ,
1511-300-ЭНА,-ЭНБ, 1511–300-ЭС, 1511–300-ЭЧ, 1511–80-КЗ,
1511-80-МА-МБ, 1511–80-ЦЗ, 1511–80-ЭГ, 1511–80-ЭД,
1511–80-ЭК, 1511-80-ЭМБ, 1511–80-ЭН, 1511–80-ЭС,
1511–80-ЭЧ, 1533–350-КЗ, 1533–350-ЦЗ, 1533–350-ЭД,
1533–350-ЭМ, 1533–350-ЭН, 1533–350-ЭС, 1533–350-ЭЧ,
2с-25–1Н, 2с-25-2, 2с-25-6ЭГ, 2с-25-6ЭД, 2с-25-6ЭК,
2с-25-6ЭМ, 2с-25-6ЭН, 2с-26-1, 2с-26–2Н, 2с-26–3Н,
2с-26–4 Н, 2с-26–5 Н, 2с-26-6, 2с-27-1, 2с-27-1ЭГ,
2с-27-1ЭД, 2с-27-1ЭК, 2с-27-1ЭМ, 2с-27-1ЭН, 2с-27-1ЭС,
2с-27-1ЭЧ, 2с-27–2Н, 2с-27-2Э, 2с-27-2ЭГ, 2с-27-2ЭД,
2с-27-2ЭК, 2с-27-2ЭМ, 2с-27-2ЭН, 2с-27-2ЭС, 2с-27-2ЭЧ,
2с-27-3Э, 2с-27-3ЭГ, 2с-27-3ЭД, 2с-27-3ЭК, 2с-27-3ЭМ,
2с-27-3ЭН, 2с-27-3ЭС, 2с-27-3ЭЧ, 2с-27–4 Н, 2с-27-4Э,
2с-27-4ЭГ, 2с-27-4ЭД, 2с-27-4ЭК, 2с-27-4ЭМ, 2с-27-4ЭН,
2с-27-4ЭС, 2с-27-4ЭЧ, 2с-27–5 Н, 2с-27-6, 2с-28-1,
2с-28–2Н, 2с-28–4Н, 2с-28–5 Н, 2с-28-6, 2с-29-1, 2с-29–3Н,
2с-29–4Н, 2с-29–5 Н, 2с-29-6, 2с-30-1, 2с-30-1ЭГ,
2с-30-1-ЭД, 2с-30-1-ЭК, 2с-30-1-ЭМ, 2с-30-1-ЭН, 2с-30-1ЭЧ,
2с-30-1-ЭЧ, 2с-30-2, 2с-30-2ЭГ, 2с-30-2ЭД, 2с-30-2ЭК,
2с-30-2ЭМ, 2с-30-2ЭН, 2с-30-2ЭЧ, 2с-31-1, 2с-31-1Э,
2с-31-1ЭД, 2с-31-1ЭМ, 2с-31-1ЭН, 2с-31-1ЭС, 2с-31-2,
2с-31-2Э, 2с-31-2ЭМ, 2с-31-2ЭН, 2с-31-2ЭС, 2с-33-1ЭГ,
2с-33-1ЭД, 2с-33-1ЭК, 2с-33-1ЭМ, 2с-33-1ЭН, 2с-33-1ЭЧ,
2с-33-2ЭД, 2с-33-2ЭК, 2с-33-2ЭМ, 2с-33-2ЭН, 2с-33-2ЭЧ,
2с-34-1Э, 2с-34-1ЭД, 2с-34-1ЭМ, 2с-34-1ЭН, 2с-34-1ЭС,
2с-34-1ЭЧ, 2с-34-2Э, 2с-34-2ЭС, 2с-350-10-450-КЗ,
2с-350-10-450-ЦЗ, 2с-350-10-450-ЭД, 2с-350-10-450-ЭМ,
2с-350-10-450-ЭН, 2с-350-10-450-ЭС, 2с-35-2,
2с-400-10-450-КЗ, 2с-400-10-450-ЦЗ, 2с-400-10-450-ЭД,
2с-400-10-450-ЭМ, 2с-400-10-450-ЭН, 2с-400-10-450-ЭС,
2с-450-10-450-КЗ, 2с-450-10-450-ЦЗ, 2с-450-10-450-ЭД,
2с-450-10-450-ЭМ, 2с-450-10-450-ЭН, 2с-450-10-450-ЭС,
2с-Э-1, 2С-Э-2, 2с-Э-4, 2с-Э-5, 2с-ЭГ-1, 2с-ЭГ-2, 2с-ЭГ-3,
2с-ЭГ-4, 2с-ЭГ-5 Н, 2с-ЭГ-5, 2с-ЭГ-6, 2с-ЭД-1, 2с-ЭД-2,
2с-ЭД-3, 2с-ЭД-4, 2с-ЭД-5 Н, 2с-ЭД-5, 2с-ЭД-6, 2с-ЭК-1,
2с-ЭК-2, 2с-ЭК-3, 2с-ЭК-4, 2с-ЭК-5 Н, 2с-ЭК-5, 2с-ЭК-6,
2с-ЭМ-1, 2с-ЭМ-2, 2с-ЭМ-3, 2с-ЭМ-4, 2с-ЭМ-5 Н, 2с-ЭМ-5,
2с-ЭМ-6, 2с-ЭН-1, 2с-ЭН-2, 2с-ЭН-3, 2с-ЭН-4, 2с-ЭН-5 Н,
2с-ЭН-5, 2с-ЭН-6, 2с-ЭС-1, 2с-ЭС-2, 2с-ЭС-3, 2с-ЭС-4,
2с-ЭС-5, 2с-ЭЧ-1, 2с-ЭЧ-2, 2с-ЭЧ-3, 2с-ЭЧ-4, 2с-ЭЧ-5,
511–100-ЭН, 850–350-КЗ, 850–350-ЦЗ, 850–350-Э, 850–350-ЭГ,
850–350-ЭД, 850–350-ЭК, 850–350-ЭМ, 850–350-ЭН, 850–350-ЭС,
850–350-ЭЧ, 850–400-КЗ, 850–400-ЦЗ, 850–400-Э, 850–400-ЭГ,
850–400-ЭД, 850–400-ЭК, 850–400-ЭМ, 850–400-ЭН, 850–400-ЭС,
850–450-КЗ, 850–450-ЦЗ, 850–450-Э, 850–450-ЭГ, 850–450-ЭД,
850–450-ЭК, 850–450-ЭМ, 850–450-ЭН, 850–450-ЭС, 850–450-ЭЧ,
880–150-КЗ, 880–150-ЦЗ, 880-150-ЦЗП, 880–150-Э, 880–150-ЭГ,
880–150-ЭД, 880–150-ЭК, 880–150-ЭМ, 880-150-ЭМП, 880–150-ЭН,
880-150-ЭНП, 880–150-ЭС, 880–150-ЭЧ, 880–200-КЗ,
880-200-КЗП, 880–200-ЦЗ, 880-200-ЦЗП, 880–200-Э, 880–200-ЭГ,
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Elon Musk was star guest this year at an annual conference organized by Italian PM Giorgia Meloni’s Brothers of Italy party.
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He arrived against the backdrop of an ice-skating rink and an ancient castle in Rome with one of his 11 children to tout the value of procreation.

Italy has one of the lowest birth rates in the world, and Musk urged the crowd to “make more Italians to save Italy’s culture,” a particular focus of the Meloni government.

Meloni has been a strong opponent of surrogacy, which is criminalized in Italy, but there was no mention of Musk’s own recent children born of surrogacy.

The owner of X (formerly called Twitter) was slightly rumpled with what could easily be argued the least stylish shoes in the mostly Italian crowd since Donald Trump’s often unkempt former top adviser Steve Bannon appeared at the conference in 2018.
Meloni sat in the front row taking photos of Musk, who she personally invited. Meloni founded the Atreju conference in 1998, named after a character in the 1984 film “The NeverEnding Story.”


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